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The mission of Holland Life is to provide world class programming to adults with autism that leads to the achievement of a fulfilling life. When we think of the elements that define happiness and a well-rounded adult life, the ideas that come to mind are work, recreation/hobbies, education, health, and social connections. It is our goal to create a well-rounded, enriching, and personalized program that encompasses all of that. Our staff understands Autism. Together they share the goal of providing support that benefits the life of every participant by promoting confidence, creating incredible opportunities in the community, and connecting them with others who may or may not have autism. Everything we strive to do will be carried out with safety, dignity, respect, and the individual’s well-being in mind!

Holland Center is an autism center and a day treatment program for children with autism. Holland Center combines what is researched to be the most effective forms of therapy combined with the environmental interventions that have been proven to make a difference in a child’s ability to learn.

Holland Center’s vision is to provide children on all levels of the autism spectrum a strongly committed team, with comprehensive and seamless programming, effective and compassionate staff, in the safest environment.  Our desire is for every child to have an opportunity to reach their greatest potential in a loving environment.

Holland Center’s vision from inception has been to integrate proven therapeutic interventions alongside the most researched and substantiated medical interventions. Our team looks to cutting-edge approaches and modalities. We strive to bring what we can for answers, understanding, and creativity for even the most complex children.

A personal goal has been for the families to see the teams compassion, depth of understanding and expertise, to allow for the peace of mind that their baby is in the best hands. The children deserve this and the families deserve this.

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“Holland life is an incredible program. It truly meets each individual at their level and supports and encourages growth in a meaningful way. The program is comprehensive and involves many components. My son looks forward to every activity and takes pride in his and his peers’ accomplishments. He absolutely loves his job and is always excited to work. Life/job coach John is incredible. He leads in a kind, gentle and collaborative manner and successfully works through any challenges with patience and compassion. I also love the health and wellness component. I am truly grateful for the amazing program that gives our special adults a well rounded life.”


“Holland Life is the best! I love my friends and my job. I am proud of what we all can do together. I love that we all help each other. We learn new things and always have fun together. John is the best! He understands me and supports me. He is so awesome! Holland Life brings everything important in life all together. I absolutely love all of it! Thank you Holland Life!”


“HollandLife has been the best adult day program I could ever have found for my daughter. The deep experience with autism gained through Holland Center’s children’s programming is clearly visible in HollandLife’s approach to young adults. John B and his colleagues know autism and it shows. They clearly care about the young men and women in their charge and work with skill, patience and compassion to make every day worthwhile.”


Always Striving for Excellence through Commitment, Integrity, and Compassion!

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Holland Life’s vision is to provide adults on all levels of the autism spectrum support from a strongly committed team of professionals. We hope to create a comprehensive, compassionate, safe, and respectful environment for them to thrive in. Our desire is for every adult to have an opportunity to live out their best life! Please click the button below to connect with us!

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Holland Life’s mission is to support our adult autism population with a rewarding, productive and health centered programming to provide confidence, enjoyment and respect to all our program participants in a personalized format.  We strive for everyone to reach their greatest potential with pride and accomplishment.

Holland Life

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